3 Simple Ways to Elevate Your Evening Attire

3 Simple Ways to Elevate Your Evening Attire

Arm Candy: A common misconception that many men have surrounding jewelry is that it is effeminate. This just isn't true. Bracelets are an easy and affordable way to elevate your style and make your outfit more intriguing. Leather bracelets are the perfect balance between dressy and casual while beaded bracelets make more of a statement.

A general rule of thumb when wearing beaded bracelets is to match their colours to the rest of your attire. 

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Well Tailored Clothing: This is by far our number one recommendation when it comes to taking your daily style to the next level. Buying clothing in one or two sizes bigger than what you should be wearing doesn't just make you look sloppy, it also distorts your body. Unless you're going for a chill street-wear vibe, we recommend paying attention to where the seams and hems of your clothing fall on your body. It is much easier than you think and makes a world of difference! When in doubt, take your clothing to your local Tailor for a professional finish. Trust us, it is a great return on investment and you are so worth it. 

Just look at the difference fit makes! To learn more about the basics of buying a suit, read our very first blog post.

Polished Shoes: How often do you look at people's shoes when you're out and about? If you are like us, and most people, the answer is often. Whether we want to admit it or not, we subconsciously judge or make assumptions about people based on the way they dress and their choice of shoes. But this isn't the only reason for investing in a quality pair of shoes — your feet put in a lot of work throughout the day, so isn't it time they got what they deserve? Comfort doesn't have to triumph style. The two can co-exist. Consider the sole, material, cushion, and flexibility when trying on your next pair of shoes. Your feet and back will thank you! 

Add some personality to your look with a pair of bold, European-inspired socks. Shop Wandwconcrete's unique blend of cotton, nylon, and spandex socks for increased comfort and style. 

BONUS TIP: A fresh and updated hairstyle is the ultimate fashion statement. Look 99% sharper and ten pounds lighter with a visit to Johnny's Barber and Shop's newest location on 11 Ave in the heart of Calgary's design district. 


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