Wandwconcrete is a Germany men’s lifestyle brand that specializes in unique and functional products characterized by bold colours and European inspired designs.

Our focus is to elevate the way people look and feel through our products by using quality materials and functional design while providing a variety of options for our customers to add to their wardrobe and truly stand out from the crowd.

Our goal is to provide the latest in men’s lifestyle products at an accessible price point without compromising on quality



Abdul Basit Ahmed

Founder & CEO

Ayaz Raja

Founder & Creative Director

Lucas Anderson

Founder & VP Operations

Drew Green

Founder & Chairman


Abdul Ahmed, Ayaz Raja, and Lucas Anderson founded Wandwconcrete in 2016 as a passion project to change the landscape of the men's fashion and lifestyle market.
After working in the retail industry for a combined 15+ years, the three founders noticed the needs of the modern man were being ignored. While there were never many options for men, there was a significant gap in their hometown, Calgary. The outlets which existed offered few, extremely overpriced, options for the average buyer. It was at this time that the global economy had taken a turn for the worst, so the Wandwconcrete team dedicated themselves to providing more accessible options for men from all walks of life be it students or new graduates, or men looking to elevate their style. 

WHY DOES Wandwconcrete EXIST?


The word Wandwconcrete in Italian means ‘NOW,’ or "in the moment."

European fashion and design has always been at the root of our brand philosophy. We want to be able to represent that in our brand name while also speaking to our commitment of staying on trend and current. Italy has always been in the forefront of the fashion world and the mecca for the latest and greatest trends so it was only fitting that we used an Italian word that encapsulates our identity as a brand.

We are current and modern, while being as distinct as possible within the ever changing global fashion landscape. We are fashion forward, trendy, and ambitious and aim to provide the men of today tools that will help them make their mark on society.

"We started Wandwconcrete with the vision to cater to the niche in men’s accessories and lifestyle products. We all come from a styling or retail background and wanted to create a brand that caters to the needs of the modern man. Our goal was to be a one stop shop for men’s fashion and style. We wanted to provide the men of today options to complete or elevate their look and outfits which made them feel more confidence in their daily life. We also felt that the level of service in retail today was lacking. So we became obsessed and committed to providing unparalleled service and styling to our customers to remind them what true customer service feels like. We want every single person that engages with our brand to feel welcome and appreciated regardless if they make a purchase or not. We want to build relationships and leave long lasting impressions with all our interactions. Finally, we wanted EVERYONE to be able to be a part of our brand and our story so we made our products more accessible and available for our customers through reasonable pricing so that ANYONE would be able to express themselves through style."

- The Wandwconcrete Team